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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter
Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

Pallets & Robots: A Perfect Match

Optimal material flow is important in any application, especially in automated conveying systems. Developing an ideal solution requires balancing ergonomics, repetition, speed and throughput while providing maximum safety.

Robotic operations such as palletizing, depalletizing, assembly and welding are commonly found in automated conveyor systems. Providing accurate and repeatable pallet positioning despite variations in pallet size and weight are critical.

Alba and an SI (Systems Integrator) partner designed an ergonomic, labor-saving, cost-reducing system to locate loads varying significantly in size and weight: up to 6,000 lbs. and up to 129 in. long x 83 in. wide.

How? Simple. Pallet Centering. Alba utilized 3.5 in. diameter chain driven live roller conveyor (CDLR) and developed a heavy-duty, centering mechanism between rollers to minimize overall width. Dual-pneumatic, mechanically-linked cylinders provided the synchronous "centering" motion.
Alba Newsletter

The twist. Late in the project, the end user requested the system to accommodate a unit load significantly shorter than any previously described. Through a cooperative effort between the integrator and Alba engineering a "center-driven roller" was utilized to drive an additional intermediate conveyor section to meet the end user’s new requirement with minimal investment and without impacting the delivery schedule.

The system results:

Benefitted from a happy systems integrator and an appreciative end user;
Reduced operator exposure to risk within the previous operation;
Provided precise positioning and low space requirements;
Improved consistency within the production cell; and
Provided a return on the investment within an acceptable time frame.

Alba Manufacturing adds unique value, engineering, design and expertise. Think of Alba first. Call us with your challenges and application needs.

Alba Newsletter

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The Superhero Block

Every good story needs a hero. He is the focal point and everything that happens revolves around that main character. The flow of the story is dictated by the hero’s actions. We approach our business the same way.

A perfect example is our pre-engineered building blocks. Think of it as our superhero. It is multi-faceted, making it adaptable to any situation. Now the story is the proposed layout sent by our partner members. We brainstorm, analyze, and find the best solution to the problem in the story.

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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

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