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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter
Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

Five Things Fences and Conveyor Have in Common

There are several things fence building and conveyor manufacturing have in common. Before purchasing, both require planning and forethought, such as function, style, delivery, quality and accessories.

What is your application’s primary function?

a. Moving empty pallets to return to an inline system
  b. Reduce foot traffic around fork lift pallet load/unload stations
  c. Create stacker and unstackers for pallets and slip sheets before the product is loaded

What style should you use?

a. Fencing comes in panels, pickets, posts and rails. It can be made of wood, vinyl, chain link or metal. It comes in a variety of heights.
  b. Conveyor is tailored to the specific application. Capacity: what’s being palletized and moved? What is the product? Boxes, bottles, drums – the list is endless.
  c. Upon what type of pallet is product being loaded? This plays a huge role in determining the best conveyor needed for the application. Is the pallet a two-way or four-way entry? What direction are the deckboards and stringers running and how many are there?

  Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

How fast do you need the conveyor?

a. Fencing can be built board by board or by sections depending on your need.
  b. Similarly, Alba’s pre-engineered conveyor (lift and rotate devices, turntables, drag chain and CDLR conveyor) can be manufactured in the same way. Utilizing the models eliminates the need for approval drawings.
  c. With the components already in stock, we can get it out the door quicker with faster manufacturing and response time.

Quality and Installation matter.

a. Fences come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. More importantly, there’s a major difference if installers use nails or screws. In the short term, nails save time but in the long-term they create more headaches and more repairs as the nails rust and work themselves out due to wind and weather.
  b. The same is true with channel steel conveyor construction. Short term, the nut and bolt construction is easier for the manufacturer but long term, it creates maintenance nightmares for your customers. Alba conveyor is created with a welded structural steel frame construction. It is a better quality with a longer shelf life and your customers will have reduced maintenance headaches two years down the road since bolts loosen or become damaged by forklift abuse when you use a formed channel construction.

Bells and Whistles

a. Fencing can be fancy or plain, picket style or lattice, wire or fabric, gated or ungated, with or without cap posts.
  b. In the same way, Alba conveyor comes with a variety of standard accessories which will make it easy to install (fully assembled right out the box) with plug and play capabilities, saving time and money during installation. We can add pin stops, blade stops, pre-mounted photo eyes, junction boxes, motor disconnects, fork truck stops and tread plates.

At Alba, our partners, distributors, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators always look out for their customers’ best interests. With Alba by their side, they can provide hundreds of models, affordably with greater quality, quicker delivery and a two-year warranty. Choose Alba’s Pre-Engineered Conveyor Products. Trust us, by educating your customers with the best choices, in the long-run you’ll be the hero.

Are You Mainstream?

Alba Manufacturing Newsletter  

With more than 1.3 billion users and 300 hours uploaded to YouTube every minute, video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums in existence. More than 50 percent of all video is accessed with a mobile device. What’s that mean to you? If you’re not leveraging video, you’re missing out on one of the most influential marketing mediums of this century.

For our partner network members, Alba wants to help you expand your reach and increase your market share using video. We are looking for applications, photos, and/or videos utilizing Alba conveyor.

If you don’t have video but have an application, we can help. If you don’t know what to do with video or how to enhance the users’ experience, we can help you with that too. Call us. We promise. You will get a boat load of benefits!

New Team Members at Alba!

During the past few months, Alba has had the good fortune to bring aboard four new engineers, adding to an already talented crew. Please take a moment and join us in welcoming these new team members to Alba Manufacturing.

Alba Manufacturing - Brandon Wagers
Alba Manufacturing - Steve Ison

Brandon Wagers


Click for more information on Brandon Wagers

Steve Ison


Click for more information on Steve Ison

Alba Manufacturing - Jason Hilbun
Alba Manufacturing - John Murray

Jason Hilbun


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John Murray


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Better Quality, Affordable and Faster Delivery. Call Alba!

Why? We can provide a variety of Standard Pre-Engineered CDLR Products – normal 5 ft. or 10 ft. sections – Ship in SEVEN DAYS from Time of Order whether it is just one piece or several pieces! Click for more information about our Value Conveyor Program!

For CDLR Remember to CALL ALBA at 866.252.2634.

  Alba Newsletter

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