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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter
Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

Standard and Simple – Take the Challenge!

According to Webster’s dictionary, STANDARD means a level of quality or the norm. SIMPLE means being easily done, presenting no difficulty and being composed of a single element. These two words quickly define our catalog products at Alba Manufacturing in regard to CDLR (Chain Driven Live Roller), Turntables, Drag Chain and Transfer Conveyor. Often times, we hear a myth from the marketplace: "Alba only does custom, heavy-duty, foundry-type applications." NOT TRUE!

Our Standard CDLR, Turntables, Drag Chain, and Transfer Conveyors are designed around these two principles: STANDARD and SIMPLE.

So why purchase our Catalog items?
Pre-engineered which means standardized
Approval drawing process can potentially be bypassed, if not needed, to save time
Order goes to manufacturing more quickly
Product ships out quicker
Economical/Competitive pricing
Applies to 1, 5, 50 or 100 pieces
NO project is too small or too large
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Our Standard Pallet Conveyor:
Fully welded structural steel frames and legs
Longer shelf life and withstands fork truck abuse
Pallets – full or empty, our core focus and expertise
No need for tightening/replacing bolts/parts after a few months of wear and tear due to continual use/multiple shifts and fork truck abuse:
  o Save time in purchasing parts
  o Reduce maintenance time so key personnel can focus on     other projects
Competitively priced against the competitors' lighter/lesser construction
Standard catalog equipment – very little engineering time
Heavy-duty – rugged – reliable
We stand behind our product. No fine print!
Competitors' Standard Pallet Conveyor:
Bolt-together sheet metal construction
Cross ties – ALL formed sheet metal
Lesser grade of products
Frames have a tendency to loosen at bolted joints over time due to handling full pallets and fork truck abuse
Fully welded structural steel frames and legs are considered to be special order and have longer lead times

Alba Newsletter   Alba Newsletter

Here’s the Alba challenge...

Look out for your customers’ BEST long-term interests. Purchase Alba’s standard CDLR, Turntables, Drag Chain and Transfer Conveyors.

Otherwise choosing a different path, shaving short-term pennies will result in the following:

Customer frustration

Increased parts cost

Increased man-hours due to repair

Longer lead times and increased expense for special orders if equipment is purchased from
competing brands

Lost time handling phone calls and dealing with unnecessary issues

Lost opportunity costs on both sides – not being able to focus on more important projects/challenges at hand

Purchase Alba’s catalog CDLR, Turntables, Drag Chain and Transfer Conveyors today.

Alba Manufacturing is your full-service, turnkey systems provider for your conveyor application needs. Call us to locate your nearest Alba Partner Network Member to assist with your next project at 866.252.2634 or visit our website at www.albamfg.com

Choose SIMPLE. Choose STANDARD. Choose ALBA.

Last Month's Issue

Let There Be Light...

Alba Partner Network Member:
A Major Systems Integrator

Product: 1,000 pound pallets of light bulbs (40” x 48” minimum, 48” x 96” maximum)

Application: Integrating transfers within a new AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) system located after the client’s stretch wrapper.

The conveyor system integrated easily into an existing pallet handling operation. After exiting the stretch wrapper, the elevation sat at 17.5 inches, top of chain. Our transfer needed to raise the pallets 4.5 inches to meet the AGV height at 22 inches.

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