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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter
Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

Let There Be Light...

Alba Partner Network Member:
A Major Systems Integrator

Product: 1,000 pound pallets of light bulbs (40” x 48” minimum, 48” x 96” maximum)

Application: Integrating transfers within a new AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) system located after the client’s stretch wrapper.

The conveyor system integrated easily into an existing pallet handling operation. After exiting the stretch wrapper, the elevation sat at 17.5 inches, top of chain. Our transfer needed to raise the pallets 4.5 inches to meet the AGV height at 22 inches.

Normally, transfers are pre-engineered using pop-up chain transfers. However, given the low top of chain height and the pallets’ bottom board orientation, Alba developed a different solution. We developed a drag chain conveyor with a CDLR (Chain Driven Live Roller) transfer.

To date, at 21 feet in length, this is the longest transfer Alba has designed and manufactured. Plus, for easy plug-and-play operation, the system was shipped fully assembled.
Alba Newsletter

Pre-engineered Products Utilized in the Project

Drag Chain Conveyor:
3 Strand RC-80
Length: 21’ Long
Chain Centers: 18”
Speed: 30 FPM
Motor: 1/2 HP, Super “E” Inverter Ready

Pneumatic Pop-Up CDLR Transfer:
Length: 5’2” Long
Effective Width: 100” (very wide)
Roller Centers: 4”
Roller: 2 9/16” x 7 Gauge, 11/16” Hex Shaft
Bearings: “FR” Series
Speed: 30 FPM
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With Alba’s pre-engineered product line, our engineering and manufacturing teams easily integrate into existing or new applications. Since we already have the base components, our lead times and pricing are more competitive than the industry norm. Additionally, we can easily custom paint and match existing color schemes.

Expansion Update

September's progress:

Alba Newsletter Alba Newsletter
09-11-2015 - Before Breaking Ground
09-15-2015 - Moving Dirt

Alba Newsletter Alba Newsletter
09-21-2015 - More Progress...
10-06-2015 - Footers Being Poured for Foundation

On schedule, to be complete by March, 2016, without any business interruptions.

Alba Manufacturing is your full-service, turnkey systems provider for your conveyor application needs. Call us to locate your nearest Alba Partner Network Member to assist with your next project at 866.252.2634 or visit our website at www.albamfg.com

Last Month's Issue

Alba Manufacturing announces its new expansion, which is expected to be complete by March 2016. The ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled to occur within the next 30 days.

The new expansion will include a variety of enhancements to support Alba’s continuing growth and expansion. Warehouse and manufacturing will be increased by more than 30 percent. Technology investments will include robotic roller building/assembly process equipment and new engineering software to quicken the manufacturing process and increase production throughput.

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