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Alba Manufacturing Newsletter
Alba Manufacturing Newsletter

Valet Parking for Pallets

Our feature story this month comes from one of our OEMs, Kolinahr Systems, Inc., an industry leader in pallet load stackers and labelers. Kolinahr equipment is engineered to increase efficiency, accuracy, and capacity for high-volume 24/7 warehouse operations.

Kolinahr’s customer, a leading custom candle manufacturer, based in the USA, creates superior quality, fragranced candles, including various containers, votives, and tarts.

About the Application

This month’s application is similar to high-tech "valet parking" for pallets. Matched by the same type or zip code, pallets are doubled stacked and removed by forklift.

The new system design increased efficiency by pairing like pallets and double stacking the paired loads.

  Alba Newsletter

The product consisted of 40" x 48" GMA Pallets, 900 lbs. max, 1,800 lbs. double stacked.

Our team’s solution automated the pallet pairing and stacking process. As a result, we reduced the risk of injury from fork trucks double stacking pallets, and the end-user eliminated personnel and traffic due to an increase in efficiency.

This application also works well with AGV technology in efforts to maximize efficiency by picking up the already paired and stacked load and taking it to its destination.

Alba Newsletter   Alba Newsletter

System Specifications and Operation

One (1) Model No. 251140-3.25 Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Conveyor with a Lift and Rotate Unit: Used to rotate the pallets so the bottom boards would be perpendicular to the rollers and chains. Kolinahr’s labeler applied a label to the outside of the stretch-wrapped pallet for the fork truck driver to determine where to take pallets when removed from the system. The label reader read the label under the stretch-wrap to determine where to send the pallet once it traveled downstream of the lift and rotate conveyor.
Four (4) Model No. TDST/TFT251140-6-2S Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with 2-Strand 90° Transfer, Thru-Drive side and Thru-Frame: Used to transfer pallets to the eight (8) pallet staging areas.
Eight (8) Model No. DC-R80-2S 2-Strand Drag Chain Conveyors: Affectionately called the parking lot by the Kolinahr team, these were used to stage pallets. Once a pallet with common product or the same zip code was conveyed on the mainline, the matching pallet from the staged pallet area would enter the mainline, and it would be conveyed to the stacking conveyor.
The pallets traveled to a Model No. 353060-6 Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with a low profile chain guard to allow the forks from the pallet load stacker to go into the pallet void. The CDLR was equipped with a pneumatic blade stop to square the pallets before being stacked with Kolinahr’s pallet load stacker.
The stacked pallets would then convey to a Model No. 29740-6 Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor to be removed via fork truck and taken to the shipping area.
Value Added Features included pneumatic blade stops, a fork truck barrier, and a fork truck wheel stop.

Usually our products ship directly to the OEM for final testing. However, in this instance, the OEM (Kolinahr) brought their equipment to Alba’s manufacturing facility for set-up, testing, and final approval. Regardless of location, all of Alba’s products are thoroughly tested before shipment to guarantee operation and smooth installation.

At Alba Manufacturing, we provide the best solutions based on time-tested applications and expertise. Call Alba Manufacturing at 866.252.2634 or visit our website at www.albamfg.com.

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