Our Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

“As integrators, we work in manufacturing – palletizers, package conveyor, stretch wrappers, controls & installations. As one of our major suppliers, we’ve worked with Alba for the last 4-5 years. Alba and their team members are AWESOME. The team response is always good, reliable and timely.”

- Director of Engineering

Systems Integrators


“Alba has great communication skills; they pay attention to details. They have a fantastic product line. Better yet, they won’t engineer, manufacture or ship product out the door, unless they are 100% confident in their products’ design and performance.”

- Vice President



“When I think of Alba, one word comes to mind – RELIABILITY. Alba provides a quick response. They understand what we’re trying to accomplish. If they promise to have pricing for you tomorrow afternoon, it’s there. The equipment manufactured is per the approval drawings. In short they are a valuable partner - always available to contact before, during and after the sale.”

- President

Systems Integrator


“We appreciate Alba because they keep their promises and do what they say they are going to do. I don’t have to tell them twice. They are committed to working with us and making sure we’re happy and that we exceed our end-users' expectations.”

- Palletizing Product/Sales Application Manager

Systems Integrator


“I have been working with Alba for the past 13-14 years. They are efficient, reliable and consistent – in pricing, lead times, quality drawings and products. I never have to worry, and I know what to expect during every phase of the buying and manufacturing process.”

- Applications Engineer

Systems Integrator


“We are a systems integrator within the bottling, distribution, pallet handling and plastic bin industries. Alba is efficient and customer oriented. They manufacture price relevant product lines. I have 38 years of industry experience and 12-15 years working with Alba. Alba is one of our best suppliers.

One of my customers uses Alba exclusively, and they love their equipment. For the money and quality, Alba is a very good supplier with great products – really heavy-duty, due to their welded, all structural steel construction. Alba’s greatest strength - they are trustworthy. Alba treats us with respect, providing superior service and quality.”

- System Sales

Systems Integrator