Alba Manufacturing - Zero Pressure Accumulation

Utilizing motorized zero pressure accumulation (MZPA) conveyor in manufacturing or distribution operations assists in transporting and accumulating pallets so they systematically feed into various processes such as sorting, wrapping, palletizing and strapping.

Alba’s MZPA conveyor can be designed to handle a wide range of product sizes and weights. Our MZPA is supplied with “plug-and-play” cabling capabilities which reduces installation time and maintenance.

To make life easier for customers, we don’t use any proprietary programming and components. All of the control components are commercially available, standard, off-the-shelf items that can be serviced by any Allen Bradley Distributor around the globe. Another great benefit with MZPA is that it is easily expandable – adding conveyors, devices with free Allen Bradley software.

Quick Features

  • Standard Motor Driven Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • Available on all CDLR Units with 1.9” Diameter to 3-1/2″ Diameter Rollers

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Product Features

  • Length: Standard 5′ Zones (Other Zone Lengths are Available)
  • Width: 20″ to 60″ Effective Widths
  • Accumulation: Each Zone Independently Motor Driven with Electronic Zone Control
  • Drive Capacity: Up to 6000 Lbs (Varies by Roller Size)
  • Rollers: Varies by Model
  • Supports: Floor Supports Available on All Models to Meet Required Elevations

Note: Specifications vary by model. Call for More Details.

MZPA Conveyor Video

Control Features

  • Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Allen Bradley Micro PLC Controlled System
  • Pre-programmed and Factory Tested Prior to Shipment


  • Add Conveyors and Devices
  • Free Software
  • Program using Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components
  • Workbench Software Downloadable from Allen Bradley Website
  • Software Allows Flexibility without Expensive Technical Support

Easy to Program

  • Standard USB Programming Connectivity
  • Standard MODBUS Communication
  • Optional Ethernet Capability Allows for Communication with Other Systems
  • Plug and Play Cabling Configuration
  • Reduces Installation Time and Maintenance
  • No Proprietary Components
  • Commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Components
  • Parts and Service Available Globally from any Allen Bradley Distributor
  • 24VDC Control Voltage

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