Alba Manufacturing - Transfer Cars

Transfer cars are used in conjunction with our conveying equipment. A typical application utilizes a conveyor deck that is attached to a traveling base. Transfer cars can be operated with a motor driven drive, pneumatic indexing base or used in a hand-push application. They travel in a straight line along a floor track. Tracks can be mounted above or in the floor, as needed for each application. Conveyor top configurations, electrification, controls, devices and paint finishes are optional items available for transfer cars.

A typical application utilizes a conveyor deck that is attached to a mobile base. Transfer cars can traverse automatically under the control of a PLC or can be used in a hand-push application and/or lean manufacturing operations.

Standard Features

  • Type: Motor Driven Transfer Car
  • Frame: Welded Structural Steel Base Frame Construction
  • Drive: VFD Rated Brake Motor and Reducer
  • Speed: Up to 150 FPM
  • Wheels: Single Flanged Type With Hardened Tread and Flange Mounted to Live Axles with Precision Ball Bearing Housings
  • Safety Bumpers: Includes Two Safety Bumper Switches Pre-Mounted to the Transfer Car Base
  • Conveyor: Available with a Wide Range of Conveyor Configurations and Styles
  • Track: A.S.C.E. 30# Floor Track Available for Both Above-the-Floor and In-the-Floor Installations
  • Paint: Alba Blue with Safety Yellow Guards
  • Many Options Available: Conveyor Top Configurations, Electrification, Controls and Devices, Floor Track and Paint Finishes

Note: Specifications vary by model. Call for More Details.

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