Alba offers a wide variety of accessories that can be factory installed on our equipment before shipment. Value-added accessories include photo-eyes, Ultra Sonic sensors with quick disconnect (QD) cables, junction boxes and motor disconnects. These little extras add up to big savings and time; especially, when the system needs to be up and running quickly at the end user’s site.

Alba Manufacturing - Stop & Pull Cord

E-Stop Pull Chord

Alba Manufacturing - Pre-Mounted Photo Eye

Pre-Mounted Photo Eyes

Alba Manufacturing - End Stop

End Stop Barriers

Alba Manufacturing - Tread Plate

Tread Plates

Alba Manufacturing - Conveyor Cross Over

Conveyor Cross Overs

Alba Manufacturing - Industrial Motor

Motor Disconnects

Alba Manufacturing - Ball Transfer

Ball Transfers

Alba Manufacturing - Pop-Up Blade Stop

Pop-Up Blade Stops

Alba Manufacturing - Junction Box

Junction Boxes

Alba Manufacturing - Protective Barrier

Protective Barriers

Alba Manufacturing - Accessories

Pin Stops

Alba Manufacturing - Side Pusher

Side Pushers

Alba Manufacturing - Open Basket Wire Tray

Open Basket Wire Trays

Alba Manufacturing - Wheel Stop

Wheel Stops

In addition to the range of devices that can be added to our conveyors, Alba offers other items such as end stops, pop-up blade and pin stops, empty pallet pushers, tread plates, and fork truck barriers. Our fixed-channel end stops can be provided with or without fork truck cutouts for stopping pallets and allowing loading/unloading from the conveyor’s end.

Our pop-up stops come in many different configurations depending on the type of conveyor being used. We offer side pushers for empty pallet justification on a wide variety of robotic palletizing applications. Alba can provide tread plates between rollers or between strands of chain for easy maintenance and crossover.

Many of these accessories add value and function to an otherwise standard conveyor. By having Alba provide these accessories, we can help reduce installation time and simplify project details without adding to the delivery/lead time.

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