Zero Pressure Accumulation

Alba Manufacturing - Zero Pressure AccumulationQuick Features

  • Standard Motor Driven Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • Available on all CDLR Units with 1.9” Diameter to 3-1/2" Diameter Rollers

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Product Features

  • Length: Standard 5' Zones (Other Zone Lengths are Available)
  • Width: 20" to 60" Effective Widths
  • Accumulation: Each Zone Independently Motor Driven with Electronic Zone Control
  • Drive Capacity: Up to 6000 Lbs (Varies by Roller Size)
  • Rollers: Varies by Model
  • Supports: Floor Supports Available on All Models to Meet Required Elevations

MZPA Conveyor Video


Control Features

  • Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Allen Bradley Micro PLC Controlled System
  • Pre-Programmed and Factory Tested Prior to Shipment


  • Add Conveyors and Devices
  • Free Software
  • Program using Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components
  • Workbench Software Downloadable from Allen Bradley Website
  • Software Allows Flexibility without Expensive Technical Support

Easy to Program

  • Standard USB Programming Connectivity
  • Standard Modbus Communication
  • Optional Ethernet Capability Allows for Communication with Other Systems
  • Plug and Play Cabling Configuration
  • Reduces Installation Time and Maintenance
  • No Proprietary Components
  • Commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Components
  • Parts and Service Available Globally from any Allen Bradley Distributor
  • 24VDC Control Voltage

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