Sarah Wood, a native of Cincinnati, has been with our team since March 9, 2020. As our Administrative Assistant, Sarah is usually the first point of contact as she is our receptionist and she greets visitors. She also helps the sales team by typing up quotes and entering orders.

Sarah is perfect for the position as she has held other administrative positions within the cosmetic, fashion, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Aside from extending Alba hospitality, Sarah enjoys collaborating with her fellow team members.

She has a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Her hobbies include reading, travel, concerts, and spending time with friends (pre-pandemic of course)! She has a furry family – a dog (Sully) and two cats (Gracie and Ricky).

Reds Baseball, her favorite sport, is a deeply rooted family tradition. When asked, “Share one thing that no one knows about you.” Sarah shared a family tidbit that she just recently discovered. Her Dad took her to Johnny Bench’s retirement game on September 17, 1983 – she was barely three years old!

Welcome, Sarah!