We’re proud of all our team members here at Alba Manufacturing. Recently, the team realized a fantastic goal – 1056 consecutive workdays without a work loss incident!

To celebrate, we held a luncheon in honor of their accomplishment. We are thankful every team member is committed to taking care of themselves and one another to stay healthy and productive.

With every shift, Craig Barnhill, our plant manager, conducts a team safety meeting. They discuss any challenges or potential issues as well as ways to work smarter. Team members are certified in their designated areas of operation (welders, machinists, paint booth operators, assemblers, and office staff). We stress continual training and education in workplace safety.

Maintaining and updating our operating and ventilation systems, stressing PPE equipment, and ensuring the proper functioning of all our equipment are vital. Although it may seem dull to discuss, preventing trips, slips, and falls are also important. We are mindful of chemical hazards, especially involving our paint booths. Team members have daily checklists and look for worn out cables and faulty electrical wiring.

With heavy-duty industrial machinery, our team is at risk of collisions, cuts, or crushing. Other physical hazards include loss of hearing, exposure to extremely high or low temperatures, damage to skin and eyes from lasers, and breathing issues due to noxious fumes – just to mention a few. We supply proper equipment to reduce/eliminate back-related injuries due to repetitive straining and lifting heavy items. Having lockout/tagout policies as well as setting up clear lines of communication are essential to our success.

Now, stop and think for a moment, 1056 consecutive workdays without a work loss incident! Great job team! We’re proud of you. Know that you’re vital to the success and growth of Alba Manufacturing!