Did you know that Alba can provide several upgrades to our standard equipment that will save you money over using stainless steel components?

First, determine whether you really need to use stainless steel for your application. Stainless steel can be expensive. Have you considered the cost implications of stainless versus other levels of rust inhibiting components? We commonly encounter the misconception that all washdown conveyor must be stainless steel, when in fact it doesn’t.

Choosing the right conveyor finish to prevent corrosion is driven by three primary factors:

  • Does the conveyor come in direct contact with the food itself?
  • Is the conveyor required to be sanitary?
  • What are the environmental conditions?

In areas where sealed cases are in the process of being palletized for outbound shipping, stainless steel may not be required.

The following are just a few examples of cost saving options vs. stainless:

  • Zinc Plated Rollers & Axles
  • Epoxy Painted Frames and Legs
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Frames and Legs
  • Washdown Duty Motors with Stainless Shafts and Hardware with Epoxy Finish.
  • EZ Kleen® Reducers with Epoxy Painted Box and Stainless Output Shafts. These come filled with H1 Food Grade Lubrication.
  • ABEC-1 Precision, Sealed Bearings with Zinc Plated Housings
  • Aqua Series Coated Chain

For more information on stainless vs. non-stainless options, click on our case study Do Away with the High Costs of Washdown.

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