Alba offers a wide variety of accessories that can be added – pre-mounted and pre-wired – before shipping. An example of a value-added item is the addition of photo-eyes. We can provide our standard brand sensors or sensors specified in project. Subsequently, all devices can be pre-mounted and pre-wired to a junction box which is also pre-mounted to the side of the conveyor.

Many times, our customers do not really have the time in their project schedules to add these components once the conveyors are delivered because they are trying to focus on many other aspects of the overall project. This is where Alba excels and adds value for our customers; hence, saving time and making project workflow a little easier.

Alba Manufacturing - Industrial Motor
Alba Manufacturing - Pop-Up Blade Stop
Alba Manufacturing - Stop & Pull Cord
Alba Manufacturing - Pre-Mounted Photo Eye
Alba Manufacturing - Tread Plate
Alba Manufacturing - End Stop

Examples of accessories that we can add to your conveyor include:

  • Fork Truck Barriers
  • Fork Truck Wheel Stops
  • Fixed End Stops
  • End Stops with Fork Cutouts
  • Pallet Back Stops
  • Pneumatic Blade Stops
  • Pallet Pushers
  • Pallet Centering Devices
  • Pallet Blade Lifts
  • Tread Plates between Rollers or Chains
  • Stairs for Conveyor Crossovers
  • Unistrut Mounted to Conveyor Frame for Photo Eye Mounting
  • Adjustable Guide Rails
  • Retro-Reflective Photo Eyes with Bracket Mounted to the Conveyor
  • Diffused Photo Eyes with Bracket Mounted to the Conveyor
  • Proximity Sensors Mounted to the Conveyor
  • Double Solenoid Valves Mounted to the Conveyor and Piped to the Cylinder
  • Motor Disconnects Mounted to the Conveyor and Wired to the Motor
  • Wiring of Photo Eyes, Proximity Sensors and Solenoid Valves to a Terminal Strip in a Conveyor Mounted Junction Box

Many of these accessories add value and function to an otherwise standard conveyor. By having Alba provide these accessories, we can help reduce installation time and simplify project details without adding to the delivery/lead time.

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