Case Studies

Below is a list of our current case studies.

Reducing the Cost of Doing Business

Our partner’s client is a private contractor for a machine tending project. "What’s machine tending?" you ask. "Machine tending" is a process which utilizes robotics to introduce raw parts to a pre-programmed machine, removes the part once the process is complete and then introduces the next part to continue the cycle.

Do Away with the High Costs of Washdown

Cleanability is among the highest priorities that food processors have for conveyors. There are, of course, a wide variety of conveyors and many different ways of keeping and maintaining cleanliness. Any Alba partner regularly working in food processing facilities keenly understands the need for effective washdown equipment, but stainless steel isn’t the one-size-fits-all answer.

Valet Parking for Pallets

The customer, a leading custom candle manufacturer, based in the USA, who creates superior quality, fragranced candles, had an old system that was highly inefficient which hindered the accuracy and throughput of demanding warehouse operations.

Finished Product to Storage and Shipping

The end user decided to increase the size of their manufacturing facility as they required more storage space for their finished goods. Alba worked with an international systems integrator on the design of the pallet handling system in order to support our integrator’s ASRS system (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System).

Leading Manufacturer - Consumer Paper Products

The end user’s product source comes from several different manufacturing lines, which are located throughout the plant. In order to move the product to the shipping area, it was necessary to transport the pallets via fork truck.

Over and Under

What’s the best way to integrate a series of conveyors to handle an empty pallet infeed and a full pallet take away within a simple robotic pallet-build cell? The end user, a wall board manufacturer worked with an Alba distributor.

Plastic Pallet Conveyance

A systems integrator needed to convey and strap pallets in both directions within the application. The end user’s 48” x 48” flexible pallet transported stacks of empty buckets. The pallets weighed 500 pounds.

In-Line Bi-Directional Strapping

One of our partners, an integrator, needed a durable, long-lasting solution to bi-directionally strap pallet loads within their system. The end user needed a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that could take the added weight of their compression head which added 2,500 lbs. to the existing 4,000 lbs. pallet for a total weight of 6,500 lbs.

High Traffic, Building to Building

A large food product manufacturer faced the challenge of handling expanding production volumes. The product (stacked cube loads with slip sheets) needed to be moved from the packaging equipment area in the production building over to a stretch wrapper in the warehouse building.