Robotic palletizing systems are both safe and flexible, especially when you need to quickly move and transport heavy bulky items. In this application, we are handling 40” x 48” GMA and CHEP pallets containing wild bird seed – 3,500 lb. maximum weight per pallet.

Complete Solution Robotics, a robotic integrator and Alba Network Partner (APN) in Loveland, Colorado, worked with an industry-leading end user who manufactures wild bird seed as one of its many products. Complete Solution Robotics helped with streamlining their wild bird seed production area by utilizing robots to stack the bags of bird seed on pallets and then conveying the loaded bird seed pallets via Alba pallet conveyor.


The primary issue at hand was limited space. Trying to fit a three (3) robot system into a very confined space was a challenge and fortunately, Alba worked with Complete Solution Robotics to create a design that fit the end user’s available space for automation.

Alba Manufacturing - Automation That Flies to Feed the Birds!


The solution was a combination of drag chain conveyors, pneumatic pop-up 3-strand chain transfers and CDLR conveyors. The drag chain conveyors are used for pallet loading which includes adjustable guide rails and pivot style blade stops to assist with pallet positioning when loading the pallets with a robot. The pop-up chain transfers and CDLR conveyors are used for transferring the full pallets to the stretch wrapper and then to the fork truck pick-off area for pallet removal from the system.


Prior to the robotic cell being put in place, something or someone was always in the way with the limited space. With the new automation, the end user is able to combine the 2 fillers into one set of pallet conveyors feeding a central wrap zone. Now there is one central point for pallets to be picked up when wrapped. This creates a much safer workspace for the end users’ personnel.

With Alba’s assistance, the end user now has a solution that fits their needs. Alba provided value by helping the end user develop the solution to their space issues, throughput needs, and safety challenges – while handling a very robust product.

Alba Manufacturing - Automation That Flies to Feed the Birds!

Conveyor/Product Specifications

  • Four (4) Model DC-R80-3S, (2) 5’ long and (2) 8’ long Three-Strand Drag Chain Conveyors with 18” chain centers, 30 FPM, and 18-3/4” top of chain.
  • Two (2) Model TFT 251160-4.5 CDLR Conveyors with Pneumatic Pop-up Chain Transfers, the CDLR Conveyors are 5’ 3” long and 6’ 4-1/2” long with 3-Strand Chain Transfers on 18” centers. The transfers are at 18” top of roller and operated at 30 FPM.
  • Four (4) Model 251160-4.5 CDLR Conveyors, two (2) 4’ 10-1/2” long and two (2) 9’ 9” long. The CDLR Conveyors are at 18” top of roller and operated at 30 FPM.

Value-Added Feature

Alba provided Tread Plates between chains, Adjustable Guide Rails, Pallet Back Stops, and Pivot-style Pneumatic Blade Stops.

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